What Makes the HandyScoot so Handy?

Nothing is more important than your ability to move and nothing does more to improve your quality of movement than the HandyScoot. Whether you are older and need help getting around, or younger with existing mobility issues or an injury, the HandyScoot mobility scooter will give you your independence back. Imagine yourself out on the town, on a cruise or at a park. Thanks to the HandyScoot you will be able to maneuver how you want, while enjoying the company of your family and friends.

The HandyScoot is completely user friendly and has a weight capacity of 350 lbs. The frame is built close to the ground, making it easy to mount. A lower clearance gives you more freedom to take on the world outside. A more durable vinyl pad stands up to repeated use, cutting back the amount of wear and tear and eliminating unnecessary replacements. The HandyScoot battery comes with an embedded plug which means you simply place it upon the controller.

The HandyScoot components are better protected since all necessary cables are located in the interior of the scooter, and are safely tucked away from children and anything that can damage them. The HandyScoot is one of the fastest folding travel scooters available with a top spped of 9 mph. It can get you to your destination quickly! The steering column lock makes it more convenient to lift the scooter up for storage in your vehicle. For the shopping trips the HandyScoot offers an additional rear storage option for purchase. The purchase of your HandyScoot comes with a 2 year scooter warranty on the entire product.

You owe it to yourself and your family to gain your mobility and independence back. Improve the quality of your life with a HandyScoot mobility scooter today. No matter what you need a mobility scooter for, finding the one that best fits your lifestyle is important. The design, comfort and maneuverability of HandyScoot makes it the perfect option, no matter what age or mobility problems that you have. Try the HandyScoot for yourself today and see what you have been missing!

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